Our Product lines

Skyway is a unique distributor. We call our business model 'Distribution 2.0'. We seek out and work with guitar techs, builders, luthiers, collectors, enthusiasts and players from all walks of life. We work with select manufacturers with unique and sustainable product lines that are the legends of today and tomorrow. Oh yes, and we also use all the products we sell on our own instruments.....


Hipshot manufactures a superb range of hardware for guitar and bass, including bridges and tuners. Skyway International stocks thousands of Hipshot parts ready for immediate dispatch.



Sperzel manufactures the legendary Sperzel locking tuners in the USA. Skyway International keep massive inventory of a wide range of Sperzel tuners, including the hard-to-get open Trim-lok, colored and 7 & 8 string sets.

Fender Parts

As well as making world class instruments, Fender® also manufactures a wide range of parts and accessories, including original spec and upgrade parts for all Fender instruments. Skyway International is proud to be an official Fender® distributor.


Tone Ninja

Tone Ninja custom upgrade parts are sourced from the world's finest materials and manufactured in Europe and the USA. Skyway International are the exclusive distributors for Tone Ninja products.

Gold Tone

Gold Tone instruments are both unusual and practical, ranging from resonators and micro-basses to the 'folkternative' instruments such as mandocellos, mandaguitars and banjitars.

Zero Glide
Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez classical and flamenco guitars are made in Spain and are renowned as the best in their class.

Ernie Ball

Legendary Strings such as the Slinky and Earthwood, and every combination you can imagine for that exact match.

Guitars and basses from Music Man in California

Schaller are "the original innovator" with many patents and inventions to their name and with a broad range of guitar and bass hardware, all made in Germany.


Since 1925, Kluson® has been supplying America's finest guitar manufacturers, such as Fender®, Gibson®, Epiphone®, and Mosrite® with original equipment tuners. Today, Kluson® Hardware has grown to include a full line of correct replacement parts for vintage and contemporary guitars.


Floyd Rose

Floyd Rose is an innovative and much copied manufacturer of guitar hardware, best known for its tremolo systems. Skyway International distributes a full line of Floyd Rose products.

Zero Glide

Zero Glide manufactures a range of replacement nuts that use a zero fret as a drop in replacement upgrade in many popular acoustic and electric instruments. Also available as blank/un-notched for custom fits.

Pure Tone

Pure Tone jacks are the first redesign of the standard 1/4" jack used on guitars (and other instruments) as well as amps and pedals in over a century. No more crackles, pops and failed contacts. 

Axe Heaven

Axe Heaven manufactures scale models of famous instruments, some famous in their own right and others made famous by the artists that used them

Gotoh Logo Black.jpg

Gotoh of Japan manufacture hardware used on some of today's finest instruments


Rotosound make the strings that have written the history of Rock and Roll